The road to reward

The road to reward

Transport Consultant Richard Williams from RWTCS, Basildon, explains how the peer network programme Group2Grow has given him a kickstart to knowing how to get his business recognised.

“Transport and Logistics is such an overlooked and out of sight part of the industry” Richard explains
“There is so much that goes into it, licenses, paperwork, regulations and safeguarding, and compliance is extremely important”

RWTCS which has been operating for 6 years, is one of the leading transportation planning consulting firms in the UK. Run by Owner Richard Williams, It has the right set of skills and expertise to set all transportation needs in motion. Offering support to businesses just setting up, and existing businesses looking to assess their compliance, RWTCS can offer consultancy as well as manager coaching to get a business to where it needs to be. Reinforcing mobility on regional, national, and even global levels, it works with transports of all sizes at the most affordable rates.

Richard decided to join a peer network programme, as being a sole trader, he felt there was an opportunity to learn something new, and discover ways in which he could market his services.

“Over the COVID period things started to feel stale, so thought joining Group2Grow could give me a kickstart and help me find ways to market myself, as my service is quite niche”

The Group2Grow programme is a Peer Network provided by business support initiative Backing Essex Business. The programme which is fully funded by Essex County Council, was created to bring business leaders together to discuss common problems and work together to share experiences and knowledge to help each business move forward. Each group of around 8-10 business professionals, meet for 8 FREE 2 hour sessions, hosted by an experienced business coach who helps to guide each meeting, and provides their own valuable insight. In additional to this, each participant receives 3 hours 1:2:1 mentoring with the coach to discuss individual goals.

Bringing leaders together from a wide range of backgrounds and industries, Group2Grow allows participants to gain insight into other businesses, and access to knowledge that may normally be unavailable to them.

“I went into it with an open mind” says Richard. “I wanted to see if there was something new I could learn, and already I’ve come to realise there are things I could do differently. Everyone has their own agenda and techniques, but it is refreshing to hear opinions that are different to my own”

As well as gaining input and insight from his fellow participants, Richard has also been able to benefit from 3 hours of 1:2:1 mentoring from his Cohort leader Graham Broughton. An experienced businessman and business coach, Graham has been able to gain an understanding of Richards goals during the group discussions which has helped shape the advice given during the 1:2:1 sessions.

“Graham has given me lots of food for thought, particularly on elements of marketing” Richard commented. “I’ve really enjoyed both the group discussions and the 1:2:1 time, and have found they lead nicely into each other, with the group discussions helping to navigate the 1:2:1’s so we can make the most of the time.”

Now over halfway through the sessions, Richard is considering the next steps for his business, and how to take his learnings through into practice.

“I know attending this programme will help me leaps and bounds, I just now need to set aside the time to do it! I would recommend this to anyone looking to make positive changes in their business, and have already recommended Group2Grow to some of my friends.”

If you think you could benefit from being a part of the Group2Grow Peer Network Programme, Applications for the next cohorts (starting 2022) are now open. Register on