Mission to help students accomplish their dreams

Mission to help students accomplish their dreams

Christopher Clowes is an Essex based successful Business Coach, Keynote Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of The UK’s Only Risk Free Digital Marketing Agency HC Media Group.

Through recent times, it has been very evident how much of an impact the current pandemic has had on the education of students and with the new lock down in place Christopher has decided he wants to do what he can to help students during these unprecedented times.

Christopher has set up a new project ‘The Young Entrepreneur’. The project offers 6 weeks online free training with Christopher himself for 200 students and will teach them everything there is to know about business management, how to become a successful entrepreneur, how to set up their own business, how to achieve their ultimate business goals and how to write their own business plan. Not only that, but at the end of the training, 1 of these students will win the chance of becoming Christophers business partner, and have their business invested into to help make their dream into a reality.

We believe this opportunity will be fantastic for all year 11-13 students who’s education has been impacted by the pandemic. It provides a great opportunity to learn from a successful entrepreneur first hand and help them to build a vision for their future.

Christopher came from an unprivileged background and has experienced first hand how hard it can be to juggle both education and life. He has seen an opportunity to be able to give back and offer his services for free and to be able to assist students in their education during these awful times.

Please find attached a link below to find out more information on ‘The Young Entrepreneur’ opportunity and information on how students can apply.