Marketing Tips for Trades: Simple Ways to Get Noticed and Win More Jobs

Marketing Tips for Trades: Simple Ways to Get Noticed and Win More Jobs

If you’re in the trades—whether you’re a builder, electrician, plumber, or carpenter—you might think marketing isn’t really your thing. But getting the word out there can really ramp up your business.

Here’s how you can start making a bigger mark without getting bogged down in jargon.

Tip One: Make Sure People See You

For anyone in the trades, being seen is key. It’s not just about doing great work; it’s about shouting about it a little.

  • Brand Everything: Slap your logo on all your gear—clothes, van, tools, you name it. Make sure it looks sharp and includes your contact info. Think about sticking QR codes on your stuff too. They can take people straight to your website or contact form when scanned.
  • Use Old-School Tactics: Don’t knock the power of a good old-fashioned business card or flyer. Hand out cards whenever you meet someone new. Drop flyers in local shops or at the gym. You could even offer a discount for any friend your customers refer.
  • Freebies Work: Hand out things like branded pens or mugs. They stick around in houses or offices longer, keeping your name in front of potential customers. Pop a sign outside any job you’re doing too. It’s free advertising. Learn more here.
  • Look Professional, On Paper Too: Keep your paperwork neat and branded. Whether it’s a quote or an invoice, make it look professional. It’ll make you stand out as serious about your business.

Tip Two: Get Talking Online

Being chatty online can get you a long way. Pick the right places to do it, and you’ll pull in more locals looking for your services.

  • Pick the Right Platforms: Facebook’s great for all sorts, and it’s good for local jobs. Instagram and TikTok are perfect for showing off your work in pictures or videos. Just focus on attracting folks nearby who can actually hire you.
  • Be Active: Don’t just post your own stuff and vanish. Reply to comments, chat with other local businesses, share updates on jobs. Showing what you’re up to, especially with before-and-after shots, can really prove your worth.
  • Join Local Groups: Look for local business networks or trade groups. They’re gold for getting leads and meeting other pros. You can swap tips and get referrals.

Tip Three: Prove You’re the Best

Nothing beats showing you know your stuff. It builds trust and can make you the go-to person when someone needs a job done.

  • Show Off Your Best Work: Keep your social media and website fresh with pics and videos of your latest projects. Show people what you can do.
  • Get Those Reviews: Happy customers are your best adverts. Ask them to leave you a good word online where new customers can see it.
  • Use Testimonials: Ask your best customers if they’d mind saying a few words about your work. Put these testimonials where people can see them—like your website or Facebook page.
  • Share Tips and Advice: Now and then, post a helpful tip or a bit of advice. It shows you know your trade inside out and aren’t afraid to help out.

Just start with one or two of these tips and build from there. Marketing doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive—it just needs to get your name out there so you can keep doing great work and bringing in new customers. Miles Marketing offers a 90 minute marketing plan that is perfect if you don’t know where to start, it’s quick, affordable and easy to implement, find out more HERE.