Leadership & Life Chat - Human vs algorithm: Why the AI balance is key

Leadership & Life Chat - Human vs algorithm: Why the AI balance is key

Tech expert Alix Rübsaam explains how to make algorithms work for you not against you, in life and business, in the latest podcast from accountants, Larking Gowen.

Whether it’s putting adverts into your Facebook feed for items you recently Google searched, or helping to filter out applicants for a job you’re advertising, based on the key words in their CV, algorithms are everywhere. They affect us all, sometimes even when we least expect it! The trick is to arm yourself with knowledge; learn more about how they work, why they can be forces for good, not just bad, and how they can be good for business.

Alix is Head of Curriculum and Expertise at Singularity Education Group, and lets us in on how brand reputation can easily be harmed by bad algorithms. She shares how businesses need to look for blind spots within the system and consider all variables, case studying recruitment in particular.

They discuss Data Feminism; the impact of GDPR legislation on marketing and sales; why complacency with tech evolution is dangerous; and the importance of keeping a human eye on the process of developing new AI.

Alix is a great example of how curiosity can get you a long way – and how that’s enough to get you where you want to be. Go where the friction is; that’s where the interesting things are happening.

Her insight into the future of AI and her predications for a Ready Player One style world are fascinating. Her passions and career have been diverse, and she blasts onto the podcast with the force of the Terminator itself! It’s not to be missed.

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