Impromptu Business Chat with Freddie Bennett

Impromptu Business Chat with Freddie Bennett

This episode of the MHA Larking Gowen podcast can best be summed up by the word’s ‘inspiration’ and ‘perspiration’! James and Mark chat to special guest, and professional adventurer, Freddie Bennett. Listen to how Freddie uses the lessons he’s learnt in life to advise and inspire businesses on how to motivate their teams and embrace change.

Freddie worked for many years in management consultancy, in London, but felt like an imposter in the corporate world. His talent was socialising!  He grew to understand that it’s important for businesses to nurture and support their people. He’s  worked with companies such as Coca Cola, Heineken, BT and Microsoft; advising on building confidence, changing behaviors, and how they do business. Freddie describes his work with teams as, “Helping everyday people do extraordinary things”. His personal achievements include ultra runner; iron man; Spartan; fire walker and Guinness world record holder for world’s fastest runner dressed as a fisherman!

Freddie’s back story makes for a fascinating listen. Coming from an insecure upbringing, with a grandfather who sold horses to the Peaky Blinders and a father who worked with Steve Jobs, his experiences have taught him that change is the only ‘permanent’. In this in-depth conversation, Freddie talks about how to overcome self-doubt and eliminate negative self-beliefs. Businesses and teams need to learn how to build inner strength, go the distance, and perfect decision making or, as he sums up, “Dream, disrupt and deliver”.

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Book –  Starting at Zero

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