Free Brexit webinars

Free Brexit webinars

This is the first week of Let’s Do Business Group’s series of free #Brexit webinars being delivered for businesses in Essex with headline speakers and industry experts sharing their experiences. Please see programme of practical webinars being broadcast @10am on the dates below.

🇪🇺 11/2 : Import/Export – A Practical View

🇪🇺 16/2 : Manufacturing – Making a Difference

🇪🇺 18/2 : Movement of People – The Lifeblood of our Business

🇪🇺 23/2 : Data – The Source of all Sales

🇪🇺 25/2 : Financial Services and Exchange

Whether you are struggling with the changes or are already operating happily within the new changes then please join us when you can and share your opinion, experiences and sector knowledge.

For more information on the webinars or to book a fully-funded one-to-one advice session with one of our consultants please use the links on the website or alternatively call 0800 702 2882. Our experts are waiting to help you overcome any challenges you may have.