Council reduces carbon emissions through energy supply changes

Council reduces carbon emissions through energy supply changes

Carbon emissions have been cut by almost a quarter at Tendring District Council (TDC) over the past three years.

Figures revealed at a full council meeting yesterday (Tuesday, 25 January) showed the authority’s emissions dropped from 5,083 tonnes in 2018/19 to 3,881 in 2020/21.

While some of the impact came from reduced facility usage during the pandemic Michael Talbot, TDC Cabinet Member for Environment, said a number of steps had been taken to maintain the reduction going forward.

These include the recent closure of the oil-heated Weeley offices, which will reduce CO2 emissions by 55 tonnes based on 2020/21 figures, and a decision to purchase carbon neutral electricity across the council from April 2022.

In addition the Transformation Project had seen efficient LED lighting and added insulation installed at other council offices.

“As we continue upon our journey towards the target of being net zero carbon by 2030, it is heartening to see the impact our climate change action plan is already having,” Cllr Talbot said after the meeting.

“This will hopefully accelerate as we make further changes to our policies and procedures, embedding climate change considerations into everything we do; and we continue to encourage the whole of the Tendring community to join us on this journey.”

Cllr Talbot also updated council on progress to install more electric vehicle charging points, with a grant application submitted to government to fund eight stations as part of the Starlings development in Dovercourt, and agreement to install a charge point at Clacton Town Hall.

He added that a survey was being undertaken to look at the requirements and considerations for installing additional charge points at priority car parks.