Branding is key to success

Branding is key to success

Richard King, director of Hutton-based The Cotton Textile Company, stresses the importance of branding for business.

There are many hidden benefits of utilising consistent branding and a colour scheme for your business aside from the recognition and awareness that it creates. If your core product consistently delivers on its promises of quality, then it goes without saying that any associated products will also deliver on those promises. Examples of this are several breweries and automotive companies that we work with are now selling quantities of socks and clothing from their shops and webshops that would make some clothing brands jealous!

It is a well-known fact that Guinness in the 80’s and 90’s could afford to give away all the pints served at the London Boat show due to the number of new drinkers the event created. The charge for Guinness was there to keep the queues to a manageable level. This kind of ‘new business generation’ can only be created by ensuring that all your associated products and communications delivers the same level of quality. Indeed the Guinness clothing range is not see as a uniform for bar staff anymore and is in fact a multi-million pound global business.

At the Cotton Textile Company, we produce uniforms, clothing, towels and socks in low volumes allowing you to offer new products to existing clients on a regular basis. By pantone matching the fabric to your brand guidelines and adding branded labelling and packaging increases the perceived value of your offering without materially affecting the cost price.

We have also seen that by utilising a specialist for each product that you buy ensures that you are getting the best out of your supply chain and ensures uniformity in the collection. A specialist will also want you to have the newest fabrics or branding techniques which will stand out from the crowd, whether seen on the bar, on someone’s feet of in their choice of T-shirts


Ulitmately, a corporate uniform ensuring consistent design will increase trust in your brand, awareness and conversation around your products and services that will increase recommendations, desirability and new customers.