Birketts assists occupational health service provider with employee ownership remodel

Birketts assists occupational health service provider with employee ownership remodel

Birketts has assisted occupational health service provider, All Health Matters Limited, with an employee ownership remodel. The employee ownership trust will be governed by five directors with the trust consisting of 100% of the shares in the £1.5m business.

Based in Canterbury with clinics in London and Sussex, All Health Matters Limited support businesses across the UK with health screening for their employees. Founded by Managing Director Gill Monk in 2010, the company has contracts across a variety of sectors, including Oil and Gas, Media, Construction, Transport, Engineering, Manufacturing, Food, Distribution and Finance. The organisation offers a range of service models and standardised health reports which are carried out by the organisation’s network of medical personnel and qualified professionals, including psychologists, therapists and physios.

The remodel was undertaken as part of an ongoing growth strategy for the trading company and saw six internal promotions take place, including the addition of four existing department managers to the Board and two members of staff to the Management Team.

Whilst Gill remains Managing Director, she is joined by Rachel Day (HR & Client Services Director), Andrew Llewellyn-Davis (Operations Director), Dr Frixos Kopsacheilis (Clinical Director) and Alice Monk (Director of Communications). Meanwhile, Sue Avery will take on a new role as the company’s Finance Manager and Kim Boggins as Clinical Manager. It is hoped that the creation of a new senior management team will help drive the business to even greater prosperity.

As a result of the trust remodel, each employee has now become a beneficiary who will directly profit from the success of All Health Matters Limited by earning tax free bonuses of up to £3,600 each year.

Gill Monk, Managing Director of All Health Matters Limited, commented: “This realises my dream of rewarding the employees for making AHM as great as it is. I am surrounded by an amazing team. Every one of them is totally committed to making sure that AHM leads the way in service delivery, innovation and sustainability, and every one of them deserves to benefit from their hard work. This is a milestone in the life of the business and I am thrilled that I am able to express my appreciation in this way.

My thanks go to Birketts whose reputation as one of the leading authorities on the arrangement of employee incentive schemes is well-deserved. The team’s in-depth knowledge of this innovative area of law was evident and I am grateful to them for making it possible for my team to share in the organisation’s success.”

Lisa Hayward, Head of Employee Incentives, concluded: ‘Birketts was absolutely delighted to assist with the creation of an employee ownership trust in the Occupational Health sector. Research has demonstrated that employee owned companies benefit from boosted engagement levels and productivity, as well as increased staff wellbeing, so this model is a perfect fit for a company like All Health Matters Limited. We know that it was particularly important to Gill that her employees were rewarded for their hard work and it was our pleasure to help her in her mission.”