BusinessTime in Essex Publishing Editor, Peter Richardson, received the following email from his accountant, Peter Disney from Colchester-based Wood and Disney, and thought it worthy of sharing to a wider audience…

Having a son who is an eco warrior (I mean has a Masters in Environmental Consultancy) means I am learning that although Wood & Disney appears on the surface to be environmentally conscious, being paperless, using cloud systems etc etc, there is a hidden cost in everything we do. Even the 120 emails sent and received between Wood & Disney and you over the last 12 months has a cost which is between 5 and 30 grammes per email so that is over 1 kilo of CO2 just between us.  You might not believe that is much in the bigger scheme of the problem but these small costs are easily forgotten about, so we wanted to start doing something about it and will continue to assess this every year from now on. My son James is planning on writing some blogs for me and the first has been uploaded to

This Christmas we have decided to collate not only our mutual email footprint but all of our other impacts on the environment and offset it by a variety of carbon offset solutions organised through an organisation called B1G1 which is a social enterprise and 100% of our contributions go directly to their projects. You can see the impacts we have had since we started with them on our website

Our carbon offset for 2021 has created 516 “impacts” broken down as follows:

  • 24 trees were planted to increase the forest cover in India
  • 360 days of access to solar lighting were given to underprivileged people
  • 12 tangerine trees were planted for families in Malawi
  • 12 kg of food was rescued from going to the landfill
  • 108 forest trees were planted to help restore the environment

We feel really strongly that we have to do something tangible to reduce the impact we are having on the planet and although we are a small business we intend to do our small part to Build Better Futures for our children and grandchildren.

Peter Disney, Wood and Disney